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30 minutes free about business, personal or career, just to to start.

  • 30 minuti
  • ONLINE or c/o Mirdad, Via Digione 13bis, Torino


My name is Marco Montori and I have been working on companies and projects for 20 years. Let me ask you a question: have you ever found yourself in a situation where, no matter how much you do common sense, things don't take off? Let's have a word together, 20 minutes free to start talking about it and then we can decide for the best. There are so many variables that can be looked at, including our psychophysical status. Use the booking system below to proceed. There is no cost.


Per permettermi una migliore gestione del calendario, dami un preavviso di cancellazione almeno di una giornata. Grazie. Please for any cancellation give me a message in advance of one day. Thanks